Final Fight for Mayweather Jr

Mayweather JrAfter defeating Manny Pac Man Pacquiao in May 2015, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scheduled to have one last fight this year. This fight is said to be the very last fight that he will take before he ends his career as a professional boxer. This last fight is scheduled to be hold in September 12. Unfortunately, the rival that he will take on is still a mystery, until some moments ago.
From the news spreading all over the world, at first Mayweather has made it clear that he will hold the last match in the middle of September 2015 through his personal social media. With the release of this news, several world-class boxers are interested in fighting him and volunteered to be the last opponent of Mayweather in the middle of September. Some names are already volunteered such as Amir Khan, Kell Brook, and also Keith Thurman.
judi bola terpercaya want to report For your information, all of those three boxers can be considered as the best in each class. The first one is Amir Khan, a former world champion who wants to try the power of Mayweather. The second is Kell Brook as the current holder of IBF champion who is also interested in being the last opponent for the Money. While on the other hand, Keith Thurman also expressed his personal interest to become the final rival of Mayweather in the middle of September.
Although there are a lot of boxers who volunteered to be the last opponent Mayweather before retiring, but none were chosen to be his last opponent. That is because Mayweather has finally decided to face Andre Berto, the boxer from Haiti with United States nationality as his final rival for the last time in the middle of September.
Many people are curious about why Mayweather chose Berto as final rival for the last time. They are all curious that so many boxers who want to end Mayweather’s career, but it turns out that Berto would be the last opponent for Mayweather next September. Some sources say that the total victory of 30 times during his career and the total of three times defeat is one of the reasons why Mayweather chose Andre Berto. Even so, it is regarded as a less logical reason for many people related to this boxing industry. On the other hand, many people consider that this game is a game that is set up so the victory will easily get by Mayweather.
Personally, Amir Khan said he is ready to challenge Mayweather in the middle of September and to be the last opponent in his career. However, up to two months before the scheduled day of the final fight, there is no confirmation at all about who is the one that will be faced by Mayweather. It makes Amir Khan dare to say that Mayweather was too scared to face Khan. This may be one way of Amir Khan to express disappointment that he feels. That is because he cannot be the last opponent for Mayweather Jr.

Half of the Season with Full Record for Yamaha

Jakarta – German GP will be held on this weekend. The German GP will mark the halfway MotoGP season of 2015. From the amount of the eight races that have been passed, Yamaha is undergoing a period of very successful achievement with some fantastic record successfully created. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo are currently dominating the top two positions on the current standings. In total, there are seven wins they have been collected, with GP Austin became the only one escape from the grip after stolen by Marc Marquez.
All the team and Lorenzo’s fans are all hoping that he will give some good surprise on the second season. They are looking for the moment like what Lorenzo did on the last year race. If Lorenzo can perform as well as the last year, without a doubt, he can give the Yamaha team more points. In addition, Lorenzo has never been being a winner on Germany. So, if he can win in this season, it will be a good surprise for all. Lorenzo stated that he feel that it will be never too late to struggle for the champion position. He also added that he will always struggle on his own way to become the champion, be it for the present or in the future. He mentioned that he has good target. His target is to begin all things well. He believes that a good start will make the rest will be good too. He will also give improvement each time he participates in the tournament.  On the other hand, Rossi, his teammate also has his own problem. He needs to work hard to win over his rival, such as Pedrosa.
Quoted from Marca, this is for the first time in 67 years Yamaha won seven of eight first series early in the season. Rossi, who is also well known as The Doctor, is currently collecting three wins while Lorenzo has four times the top podium. Rossi’s win in Assen make Yamaha has won six consecutive races. Throughout the history of the Grand Prix series, they had never before got wonderful achievements like that. The series of victories actually could be even longer if Rossi or Lorenzo can win in Germany this weekend. Another impressive record owned by Yamaha is the number of consecutive laps where their riders in a position to lead the race. After Lorenzo successfully continue to lead the race for 103 laps, Rossi added 19 laps in Assen. This is happen before Marquez overtaken on lap 20. That means Yamaha riders had led the race for 122 laps straight. In total, Rossi and Lorenzo had led the race in 124 laps this season – from a total of 197 laps in eight series are exceeded. In the constructor’s standings, Yamaha is currently collecting 191 points. Never before them had as many points as it was after the season through eight races. This is truly a wonderful achievement of the Yamaha team in this GP season.

Waiting for Better Performances of Lorenzo in the Second Season

jorge lorenzoIn the last season, Jorge Lorenzo underwent the second half of the season with a very good achievement. In the midst of the fierce competition with Valentino Rossi today, there is one question that popped up in many people’s mind, can he repeat the same success today?
Lorenzo was left behind Valentino Rossi when MotoGP 2014 season already halfway. When it was after the ninth series in Germany, The Doctor already collected 121 points while Lorenzo just collected 97 points. The point difference with Marc Marquez at the top is also a really big gap since the rider of Honda was successfully collecting a perfect score of 225.
The appearance of Lorenzo in the first half of the season is far from satisfactory. In addition to never win, he recorded once failure to finish and did not get to stand on the podium five times. But in the second half of the season, Lorenzo did great effort and get dramatically increase in the chart. Although only managed to get two wins in the last nine races, he completed seven races on the podium. Lorenzo already collected the number of points in the second half of the season that no one can exceed. The unforgettable great performance in the second half of the season is expected to be repeated by Lorenzo in this year again. Moreover, he was involved in a fierce competition with Rossi at the top. “I do not know what will happen in the future. Each year, the performance of every rider is different. Last year I was consistent, I was quite fast, I was able to win two races and finish on the podium in the remaining races. Besides, Marc was also making mistakes. That’s why I became a rider with the number of points at most, “said Lorenzo.
“This year is different. Marc should no longer make mistakes and he seems to regain his competitive spirit again. But I am sure sooner or later, I will be able to win again and I’ll be able to catch up the lost points in several races, “he said as reported by Crash
Problem about Marquez regain his competitive spirit again would indeed be a great challenge for Rossi and Lorenzo to snatch the world title. Honda’s world champion rider show good appearance when finished as runner up in the Netherlands and won in Germany. While Lorenzo never win again after the successfully be the champion in Cataluña, in the last two races he was not able to compete with Rossi or Marquez. As a result, the distance with Rossi who had just one point now extends back to 13 point.
“The good thing is when I went through a bad race (position 4 in Germany), Vale could only finish third. Three points is not too much, considering the many problems that I face in the race. In the future, I will be faster than the last two races. I can’t wait for a period of three weeks before the race at Indianapolis”, said Lorenzo.

Anthony Davis Broke the Record of the Most Expensive Contract in NBA

Anthony DavisNew Orleans – Anthony Davis is only stepping on his 22 year of age this 2015. But he is already made history as an NBA player with the highest contract after agreeing a new deal proposed by New Orleans Pelicans. The New Orleans Pelicans offered Davis a contract on Wednesday (01/07/2015) local time. The value offered by the club based at Smoothie King Center was very well, which amounted to US $ 145 million (approximately USD 1.9 billion) for duration of five years starting from 2016/2017.
The deal has become the most expensive deal ever made in the history of the NBA, breaking the previous highest contract of US $ 136.4 million owned by Kobe Bryant LA Lakers between 2004 and 2011. The average annual salary Davis is US $ 29 million as well be the largest in the NBA today. Officially, the contract has not yet been signed until next July 9 because the NBA is currently in a period known as the ‘July moratorium’ – a period in which the club allowed to bid on a contract free agent but has not been allowed to conduct the signing of the contract. Right in the first day of July moratorium, the Pelicans offered a contract extension that very great for Davis. The number of US $ 145 which is offered by Pelicans are not guaranteed that all of them will be accepted Antony Davis. This is happen because the NBA has not yet determined the amount of the salary cap for players of the 2016/2017 season. But the amount that the Pelicans offered is the maximum amount that can be received by Davis based on the current regulations. Forbes also mentioned that for the 2016/2017 season NBA salary cap limit will increase to US $ 89 million, amounting to US $ 67 million in the 2015/2016 season.
Davis had strengthened the New Orleans Pelicans since he finished his first NBA draft 2012. In a period of three seasons in strengthen the Pelicans, he entered the NBA All-Star twice, once entered in NBA First Team, as well as being one of the United States basketball team while they gained gold medal on Olympic 2012 gold. In the 2014-15 regular season, Davis led the list of blocks per game (2.94), was in position four points scorer (24.4 PPG), seventh in field goal percentage (.535), and ranks eight rebounds (10.2 RPG).
Meanwhile, the list of the biggest contracts that have been signed in NBA are following list:
Kobe Bryant gained USD 136.4 million for 7 years (2004-11)
Jermaine O’Neal gained USD 126.6 million for 7 years (2003-10)
Kevin Garnett gained USD 126 million for six-year (1999-2005)
Rashard Lewis gained USD 126 million for six-year (2007-13)
Carmelo Anthony gained USD 124.1 million for  five-year (2014-19)
Joe Johnson gained USD 123.7 million for six-year (2010-2016)
Chris Weber gained USD 122.7 million for  7 years (2001-2008)
Tim Duncan gained USD 122 million for seven-year (2003-10)
Shaquille O’Neal gained USD 120 million for seven-year (1996-2003)
Chris Bosh gained USD 118 million for 5-year (20014-2019)

Gresyia-Nitrya Already Advanced to the Final Round

Already Advanced to the Final Round, Greysia / Nitya are Now Dreaming to Defend Their Winning Title
Taipei – Indonesian women’s doubles pair, Greysia Polli / Nitya Maheswari Krishinda, have been managed to advance to the final round of the Taiwan Open GP Gold 2015. They are now dreaming to defend the title that they have been achieved on the last year. Greysia / Nitya are a pair of defending champion women’s doubles which took place at the Taipei Arena. They successfully beat Wang Xiaoli / Yu Yang in the event last year. For this year, Greysia / Nitya also wonderfully managed to make their way to the summit round after beating the Japanese pair, Misaki Matsutomo / Ayaka Takahashi. Greysia / Nitya won two straight sets 21-12 and 21-16, in a match that took place on Saturday (07/18/2015). The pair from Indonesia successfully beat their rival only in 42 minutes of tournament.
Speaking about the victory that they have been achieved in the semifinals this time, Greysia mentioned that it was thanks to their strategy. Greysia mentioned the strategy that has been prepared by them was going as smooth as they planned. “The strategy that we applied in today’s game can also be applied properly and smoothly in all rounds. On the other hand, Ayaka / Misaki seemed unable to launch their strategy into our game, “explained Greysia in a release received by a popular sport news.
This victory over the Japanese pair, Ayaka Takahashi / Misaki Matsumoto is really a great one. Back to the year of 2014, Greysia / Nitya were also on a tournament against Ayaka / Misaki. Both of the pair was participating on the same tournament, Hong Kong Open Tournament 2014. On this tournament, unexpectedly, the pairs also played against each other to get the ticket to the final round. This is just like what happened on this year Taiwan Open GP.  But, in the 2014, the Indonesian pair was failing to win over the Japanese pair. Thus, Ayaka / Misaki were the one that got the ticket to the final of Hong Kong Open Tournament 2014. In 2014, the Indonesian pair admitted that Ayaka / Misaki had a good defender ability that made them really hard to be beaten.
After successfully gained victory over Ayaka / Misaki, now the Indonesian pair will advance to the final round of Taiwan Open GP 2015. In the final round, they will face a powerful opponent, the Chinese twin pair. The twin of Luo Ying and Luo Yu has been well known for confusing their opponent physiology since they are identical twins. They also have significant increase in their world rank. In addition, the twins also have been trained in badminton since kindergartner after a couch spotted Luo Yu. Knowing about the final against the strong Chinese twins pair, Luo Ying / Luo Yu, which will take place on Sunday (19/7) tomorrow, Nitya admitted that she have great expectations. She has a dream of defending the title. “Tomorrow we will play in the final, hopefully we can defend the title,” said Greysia, the badminton athlete originated from Blitar.

McLaren’s Big Target in the End of the Season

Even though McLaren position in the temporary standings is not really satisfying, they said they still feel that they have the potential to get higher position. Eric Boullier, who is currently the holder of the chief position of McLaren, also has the belief that McLaren definitely can become more competitive and achieve better rank. Their current position is now still being stuck on ninth or tenth position. This is quite not give McLauren any satisfaction since their position is on the second last of the whole competitors.
The position that is not satisfied all fans of McLauren maybe because the team lately got lots of troubles. The team that originated from Surrey, England, has troubles more than the winning trophies. The troubles, of course, is giving big impact to the big team rank in this season. McLauren’s position in the temporary standings may not be great, but, Eric Boullier still has strong that his team will surely get one turning point. This turning point that Boullier wish the McLauren can get is hopefully can bring the team into a better position in the end of the season. A pretty big target yet the McLauren still has steel determination to get the target achieved.
In GP England, their Fernando Alonso was successfully getting a quite good result when he finished the race. Alonso passed the finish line on the tenth position. The finish position that Alonso got in GP England has been brought a little joy to the whole team. But, even with that position, the whole team still have a long way to go if they want better position. For a team as big as the McLauren, people already give a big expectation that is far from only got the tenth position in GP England.
The McLauren is now facing difficulty because they did not fulfil their target from the earlier time of the season. When the season begun, the team was given quite great target. But, in the reality, the team only got to finish twice inside the point zone. In addition, they never placed above the Q2 . The problems that the team experienced earlier made their performance to drop in the beginning of the season. Thus, their target in the beginning of the season was a failure since they did not achieve
“This is not easy, this is not something like starting up the car and success. We will feel competitive if we can become the winner of Q3 all of the time and struggle for the big six position”, said Boullier.
Boullier also said that if they can meet their target, it will be a great achievement for the whole team. Even if they can not become the winner of the season, they will still become competitive in the rest of the season. It is a bit regrettable though, since the team actual target is to become the champion. But, if a big team like the McLauren can get into the big six position, it will be far better than the ninth or tenth position.

The Shame of Wrong Dress Code of Hamilton

Another one, the incidence of which can be regarded as a fairly embarrassing incident experienced by one of the world’s top celebrities. He is Lewis Hamilton. Many know that Hamilton is one of Britain F1 racers who have a lot of achievements. Some of these achievements could even be regarded as something to be proud so that Hamilton can be regarded as one of the UK citizen who prides for his country. Unfortunately, something that is quite embarrassing just happened to him in the Wimbledon final event.
Actually, Hamilton received a special invitation to attend the special even of Wimbledon final match held at the Centre Court All England Lawn Tennis. In this case, Hamilton also said that that he already has a special seat in the area of the Royal Box, a special area provided by the committee for special invited guests invited for the Wimbledon Final that will bring together the two best tennis players in the world today. They are Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

Unfortunately, Hamilton as one of the best racer from Mercedes did not know that the Royal Box has a very strict regulation regarding the dress code for their guests. Personally, Lewis Hamilton said he knew that he had to dress modestly and formal if he wants to enter the area of the Royal Box. Therefore, Hamilton chose to wear a shirt with a floral motif in the bright colors. As a counterpart for the shirt, Hamilton chose to wear the light brown trousers with extra casual hat.
Some people assume that the clothing worn by Hamilton is quite formal, because the formality of the clothes according to the perception of each person is different. Unfortunately, the way the Royal Box defines formal is slightly different from the formal definition by most people. The royal box, the definition of formal wear for men is a suit and also the additional tie. This is why Hamilton had to leave the Royal Box even though he had received a special invitation to attend the final event of Wimbledon.
Actually, Hamilton could watch the final of Wimbledon from the Royal Box if he could find the right outfit. It was said by the Royal Box. They did not expel Hamilton from there. They give Hamilton the options to replace the clothes he wore with the appropriate clothing according to the rules of the Royal Box, or he had to leave the area and missed the game. Above them, Hamilton prefers to leave the area of the game because it is not possible to get clothes like that in a relatively short time.
Some sources say that Hamilton was disappointed because he could not come to see the final of Wimbledon Royal Box area. Even so, he was quite happy because some other friends could get a chance to watch the Wimbledon final from the Royal Box. Some special guests who participated in the event are Benedict Cumberbatch, the Hollywood actor Huge Grant, the Hollywood actress Kate Winslet, and also Bradley Cooper.

Keith Thurman Wants to Be the Final Rival for Mayweather

Keith ThurmanFloyd Mayweather plans to hold the last match in mid-September this year. That is because Mayweather will retire from boxing after the last match. This resulted in a lot of professional boxers who want to challenge Mayweather and occupied the place currently occupied by him. In addition, they also want to get a title that is still held by him. Some of the names that are often referred as the main challenger candidate are Amir Khan, Kell Brook, and Also Keith Thurman.

Of the three names, the very last one can be regarded as one of the most intends to challenge Mayweather. In fact, some sources say that Keith Thurman was eager to become a challenger in the last game to be acted by Mayweather. Moreover, Thurman also said that Mayweather was a king who will step down and he is one of the strongest candidates who deserve to occupy that position is currently occupied by Mayweather.
As an addition to that, Thurman also said that he could promise decent match to be seen. If he had the opportunity to fight with Mayweather as his final match, then he certainly could give the very entertaining and interesting show, not like the match between Mayweather and Pacquiao that are taking place some time ago. He also said that game is the less interesting to watch match and the match between himself and Mayweather will be the game that much more interesting than that game; suppose match with Mayweather himself properly implemented.
The statement given by Thurman is apparently attracted a lot of comments. Some people say that Thurman deserves to replace Mayweather as the new champion. Thurman deserves to occupy a position that is currently occupied by Mayweather. However, not a few who say that Thurman is too bigheaded because he challenged Mayweather in a way that is quite cynical. The opinion comes from many people because Thurman indirectly talk about the game between Mayweather and Pacquiao some time earlier saying that it is unattractive and does not deserve to be seen although both are the professional boxer.
Unfortunately, Keith Thurman had to give up the chance to play against Mayweather. That is because a few days ago, Mayweather has given a statement that he had a rival for the final game. Boxer who was selected by Money as the last match of his career is Andre Berto. Berto is a boxer from Haiti with the United States nationality. Until now, there has been no official statement regarding the reasons why Berto is chosen as the last opponent of Mayweather. However, some say that the record of the game of Berto is one factor why Mayweather chose Berto as a last match for his professional boxing career. For the record, Andre Berto has won 30 matches and only ever defeat three times.
This condition may be disappointing for some boxers who are ready to challenge Mayweather to be his final match of his professional boxing career, including Keith Thurman. However, the opponent has been determined, and only a miracle could change that.